What sets us apart

Founded in 2011, Nativy is an online translation agency, headquartered in Vienna, offering professional translation, proofreading, and localization services for over 500 language combinations and 53 areas of expertise including engineering, legal, marketing, and IT.

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Our translators

About Nativy Translations Agency

Nativy’s services are provided by over 3000 professional translators and linguists from 67 countries, all of whom are vetted and constantly evaluated as per the requirements of EU standard. As per this norm, all translators must have either a graduate degree in translations; a graduate degree in the language plus two years’ experience; or 5 years’ experience translating in the industry and subject area. 

Nativy’s vetting process goes above and beyond that specified by ISO. All new translators undergo a 2-month long probation period before they appear to clients on the platform. During this period, new translators are paired with our quality control proofreaders, and their work is evaluated across our 6 core criteria. Only after they successfully pass the probation period, do we start working with them.

Nativy is proud to count university professors, lawyers, scientists and other industry experts among its translators. All translators translate exclusively into their native language and localize content to match the language and culture of the target region or country. 

Project Management powered by our Proprietary Software

Our proprietary software including our translator algorithm, online portal, and alarm-based quality control system allow an automated seamless workflow from start to finish, and step-by-step monitoring of every order.

Automized tracking and notifications ensure that human operators–translators, project managers, and our quality control team–are notified the moment an order is off-schedule or needs undue attention. Our project management team is therefore able to intervene exactly when needed.

Proprietary Software  Nativy Translations Agency
Get to know our platform

Customer Support | 6am to 11pm CET every day of the year

We are a fully automized online service but pride ourselves in our great customer service. Our customer service team is available on the phone, live chat, and email to answer all your queries and special requests everyday from 6am to 11pm CET including on weekends and holidays.

Customer Support Nativy Translations Agency

Product & Engineering

Product & Engineering Nativy Translations Agency

Nativy is a technology company as much as it is a translation agency. Our Product and Engineering teams are constantly working on optimizing the online portal, introducing new features requested by clients, tweaking our algorithms, and incorporating the latest in translation technologies.

Our engineering team is also available to customize Nativy for your needs, and to deploy our Rest API for integration with your CMS, DAM, PIM, ERP or other software systems.

Security & Privacy

At Nativy we understand the importance of proprietary information and have several measures in place to ensure that your content is secure and handled with confidentiality. All transactions on nativy.com are conducted on a secure https line. Nativy is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and all files are stored on the Windows Azure Cloud.

Nativy is fully compliant with GDPR.
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Our translation and proofreading process for high quality translations

6-eye-principle + 3x proofreading + internal rating and quality control

Our translation with proofreading process goes above and beyond that required by EU standard and consists of 6 steps, i.e. 4 steps more than what is required by the “4-eye-principle.”

At Nativy, each document is proofread 3 times by 2 professional translators who are native speakers. Our project management team, aided by our proprietary alarm-based quality control system, monitors every step of the process.

The system automatically notifies translators and project managers if anything is behind schedule, off-track, or of unsatisfactory quality.

6-eye-principle Nativy Translations Agency
  • Step 1 – Translation by the 1st translator: Translator translates the document in SDL Trados Studio with the help of your company-wide TM and glossary. All matching phrases and words are reviewed by the translator in the context of the new translation to ensure appropriate usage.

  • Step 2 – Proofreading by the 2nd translator: The proofreader proofreads the document, and makes corrections, edits, and suggestions for improvement.

  • Step 3 – Internal rating and quality control (Nativy Bonus): The proofreader is then required to rate the translation across 6 criteria including grammar, style, and accuracy.
    If the translation receives low ratings on any of the criteria, an automatic alarm goes off and project managers intervene to investigate the order. A third quality-control translator is incorporated to settle any disputes.

  • Step 4 – Direct contact between 1st and 2nd translator (Nativy Bonus): The translator and the proofreader are in direct contact on our platform to discuss any open questions regarding the translation. Clients and translators are also in direct contact through the chat, so translators can easily ask clients content-related questions.

  • Step 5 – Final revision by the 1st translator (Nativy Bonus): The translator incorporates the feedback of the proofreader, reviews the document one more time, and then finalizes it for delivery to the client. After this step, the translator updates the company-wide TM, and makes suggestions for new entries into the glossary, which are sent to the client on a monthly basis for review.

  • Step 6 – Client Feedback: Upon completion, clients have the option of rating the translation across 6 criteria including style and accuracy. You can also upload corrections in your Nativy account or request changes of the translation. All changes are automatically reviewed by the translator and incorporated in the TM and glossary.