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Nativy has simplified the entire process of ordering professional translations. Our platform offers you a whole range of benefits.
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Easy order process available 24/7

Our innovative platform is available 24/7 for your professional translation needs. The ordering process is designed to be as quick and simple as possible to save you valuable time. Keep track of your orders in the order summary and receive an email notification as soon as an order is completed.

Our Sales Team is available for individual online training on how to use our innovative system and will be happy to help you with any questions. 

Übersetzer Nativy Translations Übersetzungsagentur Wien

Instant quotes on price and delivery and 3 clicks to order

Use our platform to receive instant quotes (including price and delivery dates) within a matter of seconds.

Select your preferred quote from a choice of five different offers per language combination and place your translation order with just three clicks. Upload your text, select your target languages and specify the fields of expertise.

In addition to professional translations with or without proofreading services, we also offer editing, SEO, copywriting, creative translations, DTP and certified translations.

Certified quality for skills and qualifications in accordance with ISO 17100

Nativy is certified according to ISO 17100:2015-05-01 and thus meets all the requirements for high-quality translation services. This international standard sets out the qualifications and skills required of translators, as well as requirements for the processes and resources employed by the translation service provider.

Native’s quality standards go over and above the ISO criteria. Our translators are evaluated and reviewed in accordance with the criteria of the EU standard ISO 17100 and are also subject to a 2-month trial period before we consolidate our cooperation with them. Our translation process also goes beyond the dual control principle prescribed by the standard.

Click here to find out more about our triple control principle

Project management & quality control by our proprietary software

Our workflow is fully automated, from order placement to delivery.

Our translators, proofreaders and the Nativy project management team receive an automatic notification as soon as an order is placed. Each order is logged step-by-step and our project management team can view the current status of the order at any time.

The quality of each translation is rigorously evaluated by our own team according to six criteria.

The project management team is notified immediately by our system in the event of a delay or substandard quality and can respond accordingly. Our chat feature allows translators, proofreaders and customers to communicate with each other to address any questions that may arise in the course of the translation process.

Order multiple languages at the same time & choose from a broad selection of fields of expertise

Order translations in 500 different language combinations and choose from more than 52 fields of expertise.

Do you need a text translated into more than one language?

Enter the languages you require in the target language field and receive up to five different quotes for each language. Select the relevant subject area to view professional translators who are well versed in the subject matter of your text. We offer 52 subject areas including technology, IT, law, finance, marketing and PR.

Nativy is proud to count former university professors, lawyers, scientists and other industry experts among its translators.

Department- or company-wide order management

Keep track of all ongoing and completed orders placed by you and your colleagues.

Use our group function to manage orders collectively, along with your colleagues. The order summary allows you to access your own orders and group orders and categorise them by department. This allows you to track your orders and those of your colleagues and provides you with a clear and comprehensive overview at all times.

Create group-level settings to facilitate collaboration with your colleagues. For example, you can save your billing address in the group settings so that it can be selected by each member of your group.

Company-wide translation memory, terminology database, and style guide

We also provide a group translation and terminology database. These are automatically generated and expanded with each order.

Creating a translation and terminology database will make your translations more consistent, cheaper and quicker to produce due to the increasing number of repetitions. Our customers can access their terminology database at any time. If you already have an existing TM or glossary, Nativy can use this as a basis and expand it with each order.

Nativy translators will automatically use the latest version of your translation database and glossary for each translation.

Work with the same professional native translators every time

Our system keeps track of the translators you have already worked with and will suggest them the next time you place an order.

We create a pool of preferred translators for you to help maintain the style and consistency of your texts. All Nativy translators translate only into their own native language and are highly trained linguists. 

Perhaps you liked one translator in particular? We always welcome feedback from our clients!

Efficient invoicing and billing

Once your translation has been completed, your invoice will be automatically generated and sent to you by email.

Enter the email address of your accounting department to save time and labour. A copy of your invoice will automatically be sent to this email address. You can select one of the billing addresses you have entered in the system or add a new one during the ordering process.

Use our collective invoice feature to bundle all your orders into a single, bi-monthly invoice.

Collective invoices can be activated at an individual customer level, department level or group level.

Express delivery and great customer service

In need of an urgent translation?

We offer express orders at very short notice.

Three express categories are available for you to choose from, depending on how quickly you need the translation.

We are an online service with an intuitive website, but we are also deeply committed to providing excellent customer service. You will be assigned your own designated contacts in the project management and customer service departments. You can get in touch with the Nativy team by email, phone or via the Nativy chat feature. 

Easy Transition from SDL or other TMS to Nativy’s Cloud Solution

Do you already have a Translation Management System (TMS)?

Nativy is fully compatible with SDL, Across and other software and associated file formats.

We would be happy to present our innovative system to you in a brief online session and discuss migrating your TMS to the Nativy cloud solution.

Easy integration with other software systems (CMS, PIM, DAM, etc.)

We have 2 interfaces: RESTful Web Service API and iFrame.

Both can be easily integrated into different systems. Save yourself the trouble of processing your orders manually and send them to us directly from your CMS/ERP system. You will receive your completed orders automatically via the system.
Alternatively, you can just add individual features and thus create an initial workable version with a good UX with only minimal effort.

We also offer a ready-to-use interface for WordPress with WPML. This allows you to order translations from us directly from your WordPress account via the WPML plugin. Your content is automatically sent to us, translated and imported back again. There is no need for you to copy, paste or edit the translations manually.

The following link will take you to more information on this interface: 

Sofort Angebote (Preis und Liefertermin) und Beauftragung in nur 3 Klicks + Professionelle Übersetzungen oder auch nur reines Korrekturlesen
Qualitätsnorm für Kompetenz und Qualifikation nach ISO Zertifizierung 17100
Projektmanagement und Qualitätskontrolle durch unsere firmeneigene Software
Beauftragung mehrerer Sprachen gleichzeitig + 52 Fachgebiete wie IT, Technik, Recht, Marketing, uvm.
Verwaltung von Übersetzungen auf Abteilungs- oder Konzernebene
Konzernweite Übersetzungsdatenbank sowie Terminologiedatenbank
Mehr Effizienz bei der Rechnungserstellung und Buchhaltung
Zusammenarbeit immer mit denselben bevorzugten Übersetzern + Zusammenarbeit mit professionellen Übersetzern, die nur in die eigene Muttersprache übersetzen
Express-Aufträge und großartiger Kundendienst
Einfache Umstellung von TMS zu Nativys Cloud Lösung
Direkte Anbindung an Software Systeme (CMS, PIM, DAM etc.)

Sofort Angebote (Preis und Liefertermin) und Beauftragung in nur 3 Klicks + Professionelle Übersetzungen oder auch nur reines Korrekturlesen

Qualitätsnorm für Kompetenz und Qualifikation nach ISO Zertifizierung 17100

Nativy ist gemäß ISO 17100:2015-05-01 zertifiziert und erfüllt somit alle Anforderungen an hochqualitative Übersetzungsdienstleitungen. Unsere Übersetzer werden gemäß der Kritierien der EU Norm ISO 17100 evaluiert und geprüft.

Die Norm enthält Vorschriften zu den erforderlichen Qualifikationen und Kompetenzen der Übersetzer fest und beinhaltet Anforderungen an die Prozesse und Ressourcen des Übersetzungsdienstleisters. … und legt den Qualitätsstandard fest.….

Übersetzer Nativy Translations Übersetzungsagentur Wien

Intrigued? Would you like to find out more about the many advantages offered by Nativy?

We will be happy to present our system to you online. Get in touch to schedule a live demo session.

The online demonstration will feature a tour of our innovative system, where we explain all the important functions and answer your questions.
You can also invite your colleagues to join the online presentation.

Why not try out our innovative system for yourself and experience the advantages first-hand?

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