Cumulative invoice

What is cumulative bi-weekly Invoicing?

This function allows you to bundle all your orders into invoices issued twice a month, one on the 15th and the other on the last day of the month.

Once your translation has been completed, you will receive an automated notification by email with your invoice attached. If you select our cumulative invoice function, all the invoices for your orders will be collected and you will receive them as a bi-monthly cumulative invoice.

Please note that we issue one cumulative invoice for each billing address.

Cumulative invoice Nativy translation agency Vienna
Cumulative invoice Nativy translation agency Vienna

Cumulative invoices can also be activated at the Group or Organization level.

To activate cumulative invoicing for the Group, the Group admin simply needs to turn on this function for the Group billing addresses. Cumulative invoices for Groups will be sent to the admin in addition to the billing department email address you enter in the address section. You can send a copy of your invoice to your billing department (or any other email address) in addition, i.e. in addition to your own email address.

Simply add the additional email address to the field above.

Advantages of cumulative invoices

  • all orders grouped on a single invoice issued twice a month
  • less work for your accounting department
  • can also be enabled for groups