Frequently Asked Questions

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The FAQs are divided into three sections for better orientation: 


What is Nativy?

Nativy is a Vienna-based start-up that facilitates quick and easy collaboration between an international community of translators and clients.

Nativy has been developed by a team of professionals with different areas of expertise. Take a look at the team here.

Our business model has been developed together with translation professionals, international businesses, organizations supporting innovative start-ups, lecturers and students of the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna, as well as the Vienna University of Economics and Business, tax advisers, lawyers, banks, consulting firms and friends. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to making Nativy a success.

Our offices are located in Vienna, Austria.

Why should I choose Nativy?

If you are a client, Nativy provides quality assured and efficient services for all your translation needs.

If you are a translator, Nativy allows you to set your own rates, gives you access to global clients, and takes care of all the paperwork.

Who developed and improved the concept of Nativy?

We are an international team of professionals with different areas of expertise. We would like to thank all our business partners and friends, our families, colleagues and sponsors in Spain, Argentina, Japan, Great Britain, France, Chile, Germany, Indonesia, the United States, Ukraine, Cameroon, the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Brazil, Poland, China, Australia, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Egypt, Slovakia, Italy, Russia, Uruguay, Norway, Israel, South Korea, the Netherlands, South Africa, Bulgaria, India and Austria for their support and help.

Is Nativy bound to confidentiality?

Yes. Everyone who uses Nativy for business purposes – translators, proofreaders as well as members of the Nativy team – undertakes to treat all information communicated to them with strict confidentiality. All material sent/received via Nativy is strictly confidential.

Who holds the rights to the original document?

The client holds all the rights to the material involved in the translation process and is authorized to commission a translation.

Who holds the rights to the translation?

The client holds all the rights to the material involved in the translation process, thus the rights on the translation remain the property of the client at all times. The translator/proofreader assigns all the rights to the translation to Nativy, and Nativy assigns all the rights to the client.

Who is entitled to store data and files sent via Nativy?

Nativy is the only one entitled to store original documents and translations. Translators and proofreaders are not entitled to store any documents long term.

Is it possible to exclude certain translators from future assignments?

Yes. If a client wishes not to collaborate with a certain translator again, they can exclude them from future assignments. This has no influence whatsoever on the translators’ future cooperation with other clients. If multiple clients exclude a translator, they will be notified by Nativy.

Who has access to the material involved in the translation process?

One translator and one proofreader as well as Nativy (where necessary). Everyone involved in the translation process is committed to confidentiality.

Are clients and translators able to communicate with each other?

Yes. Short messages in relation to the order in question can be exchanged on the Nativy website through the chat.

What qualifications do freelance translators need to have in order to register with Nativy?

If you wish to register with Nativy you need to meet at least one of the following requirements: a degree in translation studies from an accredited university, or an equivalent qualification in other areas plus two years of documented experience translating and/or at least five years of professional translation experience.

Are translators able to reject an order?

Yes, please see "Are translators able to cancel a job?"

Can translators quote for jobs?

No. Jobs are automatically assigned by Nativy according to the client’s individual criteria. Translators must ensure that their availability (as indicated on their personal calendar on Nativy.com) is always up to date.

Who is in charge of proofreading and how is a proofreader chosen for a job?

Each translator can also be employed as proofreader if they wish. Proofreading jobs are allocated by Nativy.

What is the delivery time based on?

For each order Nativy records the time needed for completing the translation. This will determine a translator’s average working speed and will be taken into account when allocating future jobs to the translator.

Is Nativy able to lock a translator's account?

Yes, but only if there is sufficient reason. Accounts may also be temporarily suspended.

Please take note of the reasons provided for suspending your account and do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt.

Do translators have to respond to complaints?

Yes. The translator is responsible for delivering a quality product to satisfy the client’s requirements.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. There are no registration or subscription fees. Each order is invoiced separately.

Are there any monthly or annual fees charged?

No. A separate contract will be drawn up for each order, and each order is invoiced separately.

Who pays translators and proofreaders?

Nativy pays translators and proofreaders.

Will the translation reflect the formatting of the original document?

Yes. If the original document is provided in a common file type, usually the translator will retain the formatting and apply it to the translated text where possible.

Are any files forwarded by email?

No. Sending files as email attachments is generally regarded as a security risk. All files (source and target texts) are therefore transmitted via a secure connection (https) on Nativy.com.

For clients

Are all translated texts proofread?

Yes. A proofreader will review each translation, unless the client expressly states that proofreading services are not required.

How does the Express function work?

For translators

How can I join Nativy?

Please complete your profile carefully and make sure you upload a current CV (in English or German) including detailed information on your professional training and work experience. We are not able to complete your registration without a CV.

Please note: You can increase your chances of being selected as the most qualified translator for specific projects by uploading sample texts from previous translation jobs. Nativy analyzes your sample texts based on their content to find out about your specialties and will save this information in your profile.

What qualifications do I need to join as a proofreader?

Proofreaders are required to have the same skills as translators and to have experience in the relevant subject areas.

Will I be notified of new orders I receive?

Yes. You will receive a notification by email.

At the moment, I am not able to take on any assignments. What should I do?

Make sure that you keep your calendar up to date, and be sure to indicate any periods in which you will not be available to work.

Am I allowed to accept job offers from other clients?

Yes. Please keep your calendar up to date.

Can I reject orders from a certain client?

Yes. You can choose not to work with certain clients and exclude them from future assignments. This has no influence whatsoever on your cooperation with other clients or translators.

In most cases, the rejection of a job mainly concerns the client’s individual subject and not the client.

Is there a notice period if I want to stop working for Nativy?

No. For each order a separate contract will be drawn up and each order is invoiced separately.

When do translators receive payment and how?

When you get paid:

We always pay between the 21st and the 25th of the month following the one in which you completed the job. This means that if, for example, you complete a job on the 5th of January, you will receive payment for this job between the 21st and 25th of February.

Transfer limits:

Please also note that payment depends on your personal transfer limit. You can change this limit in the "Payment Options + Transfer Limit" in the Settings section of your account.

Please note that we transfer amounts below €50 up to 3 months after the date of order completion if no higher payment limit is set in your profile.

Payment method:

If you have a bank account in an EU country, you can be paid by bank transfer. If not, you will be paid by PayPal.

Will payments get transferred to my bank account automatically?

Yes. Payment transfer to the translator’s bank account will take place once a month.

I don't receive any payments. Why?

Payment transfer will be made once a month (bank transfers usually take 2-3 workdays).

Please check your bank details (BIC and IBAN).

Please do not hesitate to contact Nativy in case of severe delays.

Who can read my CV?

Nativy is the only one who has access to your complete CV. The information displayed to the client consists of your first name and your native language only.

Nativy only accepts professionally trained and/or experienced translators. Please make sure that your CV provides sufficient information concerning your education and work experience.

Why do I only get job offers for on language pair?

You need to set up each language pair separately in your profile. By uploading sample texts from previous translation jobs for each language pair you can increase your chances of being selected as the most qualified translator for specific translations.

Please check that all your language pairs are activated.

Some language pairs are more requested than others. Nativy is constantly looking to find new clients.

I don't get any job offers. Why?

Nativy reviews each applicant’s resume and qualifications. For this reason, it may take a few days until your account is activated.

Other possible reasons:

  • Your profile or resume is incomplete
  • You need to update your calendar and enter your periods of availability
  • Your translation rates are unrealistic
  • You have not uploaded any sample texts yet
  • Your account is blocked temporarily
  • You have not dealt with complaints regarding your orders yet
Please feel free to contact us, if you could not find a suitable answer for your question.