Group function

Manage translation orders together as a team

Use our free group function to manage translations at department or company level. This involves creating a group where you and your colleagues can manage translations collectively.

This feature lets you view and track all of your colleagues’ current and completed orders online.

Translation orders are sorted by department to ensure structured access.

Group function
Group function

Consistency throughout the entire company

To ensure consistent terminology, we will assemble a team of specialist translators according to your areas of expertise, who will work on a departmental and group-wide basis.

The translation team is familiar with your company's preferences and you benefit from a shared translation database. You can communicate directly with the translators at any time via our chat feature.

After an order is completed, you can rate the final translation and upload feedback; we will automatically adjust your translation memory (TM) and terminology database accordingly.

Group-wide translation and terminology databases are automatically created and updated with each new order. It is also possible to create separate TMs and glossaries for individual departments and to build on existing TMs and glossaries.

This means that translators will automatically use the latest version of your translation database and glossary for each order. As a result, translations are more consistent, cheaper and faster due to the growing number of repetitions.

Our clients can access their databases at any time.

Group function
Group function

Individual adjustments

Alongside the many benefits of our group function mentioned above, collective invoicing provides another key benefit. This feature is used to collect all your completed orders and combine them into two invoices per month, which are sent to the group administrator and the accounting department, if applicable. Find out more about this feature here.

You can activate the free group function as an optional add-on in your account. In other words, every client can both create a group and leave any group again.

You can still commission translations outside of the group function if you have orders that you do not want displayed to the entire department or group. These are displayed in your private order overview.

We would be happy to present our group function live to you in an online demonstration and answer all your questions

Nativy's key advantages

  • 52​ fields of expertise including engineering, legal, marketing, and IT
  • Professional native translators with specialization in various fields
  • Department- or company-wide order management
  • Certified quality for skills and qualifications in accordance with ISO 17100