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Book translations are professional translations of the original text while preserving the style, context and tone so that the translated text conveys the same emotions and associations as in the original language.

Nativy’s professional book translation services include the following creative translation techniques:

Our text localisation services might cover, among others, the following:
USA example

  1. The stories, pictures and examples featured in the book are analysed, checked and, if necessary, adapted to meet the expectations of the American market.

  2. One drawback for the American market is the lack of cultural and ethnic diversity among the characters. For this reason, the localisation process might involve substituting their names with international or American names.

  3. The gender ratio is not as balanced as it might be. Localisation can correct this imbalance.

One of the greatest challenges in a translator’s work is translating idioms and metaphors accurately. They must be translated correctly in order to convey the same meaning and communicate the desired mood in the target text as well.

In addition to their linguistic skills, our translators are also required to have a certain degree of literary expertise and must be able to write stylistically pleasing texts.

Translating a book requires extensive research to ensure that the content is faithfully conveyed and has the intended effect in the target culture. Jokes and humour vary significantly between cultures, so this aspect of the translation must be adapted to the target culture as well.

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