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Agriculture is part of the global supply chain, importing and exporting crops and livestock on an international level to feed people all around the world. This is an industry that intersects with aspects of international trade and logistics, as well as issues of environmental protection and sustainability. In such a complex sector, accurate, transparent communications are key to ensuring that business runs smoothly, including good relationships with foreign regulatory agencies.

Agricultural translations by specialized translators form the basis of successful communication strategies for agricultural operations of all sizes.

Our professional specialist translators

Of course, producing the world’s food supply includes a wide range of different practices, each with their own traditions of expertise and technological innovations. That’s why agricultural translation is best handled by subject matter experts with in-depth understanding of the area. These translators draw on their knowledge of botany, crop science, or animal nutrition, for example, to deliver precise, accurate translations to support your operations.

Given the incredible diversity of livestock, crops, and climate conditions around the world, it’s important to rely on native translators who know how terminology is used on the ground in their countries, to avoid any miscommunications that could cause problems down the line.

As agriculture becomes increasingly mechanized and automated, extensive research and technological advancement is poured into the development of complex agricultural machinery. Whether your company manufactures this machinery, exports it, or markets it, your multilingual communications require expert technical translators with proven experience in this specialized sector.

Using the latest translation software, these expert translators can help you manage complex terminology across all your projects, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout your technical documents, marketing materials, and user guides.

Landwirtschaft Profesionelle Übersetzung Übersetzungsbüro Wien Nativy
Landwirtschaft Profesionelle Übersetzung Übersetzungsbüro Wien Nativy

Types of texts

Some of the fields of agriculture our expert translators specialize in include:

  • Animal husbandry
  • Arable farming
  • Crop science
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Horticulture
  • Nutrition
  • Plant breeding
  • Veterinary science

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