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Many different industries use chemicals in their operations, reflecting chemistry’s wide-ranging field of applications and important impact in our daily lives. From research institutions to agricultural producers, pharmaceutical companies, petroleum engineering and industrial manufacturing, each sector has its own highly specialized relationship with this delicate science. High-quality chemistry translations are key for expanding your operations abroad or successfully communicating with foreign partners, clients, and stakeholders.

Our professional specialist translators

Translating chemical texts requires highly specialized knowledge of the scientific discipline itself, which is why we only entrust these projects to qualified chemical translators with proven expertise in their fields. In addition, the complex concepts and terminology used in chemistry intersect with a  variety of other scientific fields, from medicine to environmental science, as well as industrial applications. Cosmetics, brewing and food science, and textiles, for example, all use chemicals as an integral part of their daily operations.

Across all industries, the use of chemicals is highly regulated in most countries because of potential risks to the health and safety of employees, consumers, and the environment. As a result, low-quality translations can have serious consequences, not just in terms of costs but also with regards to safety.

Avoid any unnecessary risk of miscommunication by working with language experts who specialize in the relevant area of chemistry translation.

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Types of texts

We work with a wide range of technical translators who specialize in the various areas of chemical science and chemical engineering. As exciting new developments in biomolecular engineering and polymers revolutionize entire sectors, this is a field that requires translators who are dedicated to keeping their knowledge up to date with the necessary research. In addition to their specialized knowledge, our chemistry translators work with the latest translation software to ensure that terminology remains consistent across all your projects. Some of the types of texts we translate include:

  • Instruction for Use (IFUs)
  • Material safety reports
  • Labels and packaging
  • Patents
  • Regulatory documents
  • Research papers
  • Study and trial reports
  • Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs)

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