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Construction is changing rapidly, driven by rapid developments and building technology and shifting mindsets of what built environments should deliver. In our increasingly interconnected world, large infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and ports are often the work of international collaborations, while buildings in cities around the world are increasingly expected to serve a global public.

Working globally also means understanding safety, compliance, and zoning regulations that change from country to country, requiring stakeholders to be well-informed and up to date on all local legalities. Meanwhile, architecture and civil engineering are evolving to encompass socially and environmentally conscious planning, with new breakthroughs every year. From sustainable housing blocks to passive office buildings, low-impact transportation options, and green power plants, it's an exciting era in construction and engineering.

Our professional specialist translators

It's no surprise that the language of the industry is also constantly evolving to keep up with all these fast-paced new developments. That's why effective translations with accurate terminology and no room for confusion are key. Not only do high-quality translations lay the groundwork for safe, efficient job sites and successful construction projects, they also ensure that our countries can continue to work together to build a durable future.

Our specialized construction and civil engineering translators are experts in their field. Drawing from their own backgrounds and extensive research in the building sector, these technical translators have in-depth knowledge of the most current materials and methods, as well as the legal and procedural aspects that can make or break a construction project.

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Types of texts

We offer translations for every phase involved in creating buildings and infrastructure. From the architecture and design firms that drafts the ideas to the permits, construction plans, and engineering specifications needed on the ground, all the way to the real estate agreements and brochures that celebrate a completed project. Here is a sample of some of the documents our specialized translation team handles:

  • Blueprints
  • Brochures
  • Building permits
  • Compliance codes
  • Operating instructions for machinery
  • Project descriptions
  • Real estate agreements
  • Safety regulations
  • Tenders

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