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Translating graphics and visual documents requires a special skillset, known as DTP (desktop publishing) translation. For any translations that involve combining words with design elements, such as translations of brochures, flyers, posters, product packaging, or even digital assets for social media campaigns, our expert DTP translators help you adapt the layout to best fit the target language

Translating graphics, whether you’re producing blueprints or concert posters, isn’t as simple as sending your designers a block of translated text and asking them to paste it in. First of all, if the designer can’t proofread the final layout, this increases the likelihood of inadvertently introducing errors, such as special characters that disappear because they aren’t supported by your chosen font, for example, or text accidentally being cut off. Depending on the language, the translated text could end up much longer or shorter than the original or require specific formatting adjustments such as aligning the text vertically or from right to left. If your designers aren’t familiar with these requirements, the result could be a document that native speakers find jarring or even unreadable, undermining the success of your project. DTP translation combines traditional translation with the ability to adjust the visual design of your printed or digital materials to best suit the target language.

Our professional specialist translators

As skilled designers as well as language experts, DTP translators can foresee these challenges before they become problems. They know when to insert line breaks, for example, and when they would be inappropriate, and can skillfully condense your copy if the translated text will turn out much longer than you may have anticipated.

In addition, translators with a background in graphic design can help you adapt any stylistic choices that may be appealing to one audience but off-putting to another. When preparing graphics for multilingual publication, working with a team of DTP translation experts is the best way to ensure that all of your designs are visually consistent but also as effective as possible in each language.

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Types of texts

When we translate your visual materials, we send your files back in the same format they came in to help you streamline your production process. A wide variety of documents are best translated by DTP translators, including:

  • Book jackets
  • Blueprints
  • Charts and graphs
  • Labels and packaging
  • HTML templates for e-mail campaigns
  • Posters, flyers, and brochures
  • Technical drawings
  • Websites

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