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Power generation is in an exciting phase of transformation, with the energy sector now including new sources of renewable energy in addition to long-standing oil and gas companies. It’s a global industry defined by international trade, which makes effective multilingual communications strategies all the more important for successful business.

From correspondence with international partners to managing a multilingual workforce spread out across different countries, every aspect of your communications strategy must be optimized with accurate, specialized energy translations by professional translators who understand every aspect of the industry.

Our professional specialist translators

In addition to aspects of international trade, this is a sector that intersects significantly with the fields of chemistry, environmental science, and engineering. Each sector of the power industry, from mining coal to designing advanced new solar cells, has its own specific scientific knowledge, requiring technical translators with extensive knowledge of the highly specialized terminology used in different areas of application.

As a result, some oil, gas, and energy translations are best handled by translators with a background in engineering, for example, for materials relating to heavy mining machinery, while others require proven expertise in petrochemical science, for translations intended for oil refinery operations. That’s why we work with a diverse pool of translators to ensure that each assignment is handled by the translator with the best qualifications for the job.

Our translators also work with the latest in translation management software, to ensure that industry-specific terminology is applied accurately and consistently throughout all your materials for the ultimate effectiveness in communications.

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Types of texts

This broad area of expertise covers a wide range of energy sources – oil, gas, coal, wind, solar power, hydraulics, as well as the latest breakthroughs in waste heat recovery and more. Not to mention the variety of applications for energy translations, which range from operating instructions for heavy machinery to complex contracts for international trade agreements. Our subject matter experts each specialize in specific fields of the energy industry, ensuring the highest level of expertise for every type of document. Some of the types of documents we translate for the power generation industry include:

  • Blueprints and diagrams
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Construction specifications for power plants
  • Contracts & agreements
  • Environmental impact reports
  • Legal documents
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Research and development papers
  • Installation instructions
  • Training materials
  • User guides and safety regulations for machinery
  • Websites

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