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There’s no room for ambiguity in engineering. Precision and consistency are paramount when translating technical texts intended for engineers with complex jobs to do. After all, the stakes are higher in this field, where heavy machinery, high-tech manufacturing processes, and powerful sources of energy require stringent attention to detail and strict adherence to safety regulations. In these circumstances, miscommunications or imprecise instructions could pose a serious hazard, compromising the health and safety of everybody on the job site.

Our professional specialist translators

Engineering is one of the most common fields of application for translation, in order to keep up with the pace of international partnerships and globalized supply chains.

As such, we draw from an extensive pool of engineering translators, with specializations in every field of engineering. These fields of application include, but are not limited to: biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, energy systems, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering/IT, and telecommunications.

All of our translators are highly qualified, with proven expertise in their field of work as well as the proven linguistic skills needed to deliver the precise, accurate technical translations that power your company’s next move.

Our engineering translation services always include a strict approach to maintaining consistent terminology throughout all your technical documents, as well as extensive quality controls to ensure the highest level of precision and accuracy. We work closely with you to develop term bases you can rely on throughout the entire lifespan of even your largest projects.

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Types of texts

Our full-service engineering translation team handles a wide variety of technical documents, including:

  • Engineering specifications
  • Catalogs
  • Installation manuals
  • Labels
  • Operating instructions
  • Patents
  • Product descriptions
  • Safety manuals
  • Software and hardware UI
  • Tenders and RFP responses
  • Test reports
  • Training materials
  • Websites

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