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Sustainability is one of the most important topics of the 21st century, and one which intersects with nearly every sector. From energy, forestry, and food production to finance and retail, every industry is making changes to reflect our growing awareness of climate change, pollution, and other environmental challenges. In the age of globalization, a multilingual communications strategy with high-quality translations is key to positioning yourself as a leader in the field.

Although environmental awareness is rapidly becoming a universal concern, several different industries have a particular focus on sustainability and ecology. These include the fields of sustainable energy, such as wind farms, solar installations, or hydropower plants, which are constantly producing new developments in scientific research and engineering; construction, as builders strive to invent greener methods and focus on sustainable materials; international politics, as countries around the world adapt their public policies to reflect new priorities; and of course, transportation, as car manufacturers and public transport authorities work to reduce emissions.

Our professional specialist translators

Such a wide variety of topics requires environmental translations by professionals with specialized areas of technical expertise as well as perfect command of the languages involved. As countries work together to make rapid progress in combating environmental challenges, the language of sustainability is still evolving.

The environmental translators who specialize in this new field, in which new innovations still regularly transform each sector, are committed to keeping their knowledge up to date and researching these developments in real time.

We ensure that all our environmental translations are handled by translators with proven expertise, relevant experience, and mastery of all the terminology and technical language involved in each industry.

Types of texts

Environmental challenges affect us all, which is why nearly every industry, in nearly every country around the world, is making serious efforts to develop best practices that contribute to sustainability.

Our qualified environmental translators are experts in the fields with the skills needed to translate a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Climate protection reports
  • Diagrams and technical specifications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Emission trends
  • Environmental research
  • EU directives
  • Installation manuals
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Policy documents
  • Press releases
  • Training materials

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