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Wood has been one of our most important raw materials for thousands of years, and is widely used in nearly every country and culture. Today, we continue to rely on this natural material as the basis for many, vastly different industries, from traditional carpentry to construction to processing vast quantities of wood pulp for mass-produced paper. In addition, forestry itself is also a growing field in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

With sustainability at the forefront of global priorities, many industries are prioritizing the use of environmentally friendly, renewable materials. With proper forestry practices and modern processing methods, wood has emerged as an attractive choice thanks to its durability, natural sourcing, and good potential for recycling. In our increasingly globalized world economy, demand for wood is growing and construction projects may source wood and processed wood products from several different countries rather than relying on their own forests.

Our professional specialist translators

Despite all their technological advancements, these industries still revolve around forests, and require intricate processing and distribution networks to move timber and wood across borders and even around the globe. Communication is key at each step of these processes, which is why translation is an important component of any international strategy for moving wood products, including lumber, timber, wood pulp, and paper around the world.

Forstwirtschaft Profesionelle Übersetzung Übersetzungsbüro Wien Nativy
Forstwirtschaft Profesionelle Übersetzung Übersetzungsbüro Wien Nativy

Types of texts

Communications and translations within these industries intersect with aspects of international trade, shipping, and transportation, environmental science, engineering, and construction, requiring highly specialized technical translations with in-depth knowledge of these fields. All translations relating to these sectors are assigned to specialized translators with proven experience in each topic. Some of the areas of expertise our wood & timber industry translators specialize in include:

  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • Forestry & environmental preservation
  • Industrial furniture production
  • Logging & timber
  • Manufacture of wood-based materials (MDF, plywood, particle boards, etc.)
  • Manufacture of wood flooring
  • Packaging
  • Paper & pulp industries (paper, cardboard, etc.)
  • Sawmills and lumberyards
  • Wood fuel

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