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Gaming is a vast, and growing, global industry. Video games were already a major segment of the entertainment industry even before the arrival of smartphones opened up an entire new segment of gamers. Now, companies around the world are racing to earn their loyalty with increasingly sophisticated mobile app games. To compete, you need high quality gaming localization that will make your video games accessible to players on an international level. Localization refers to the process of adapting creative material to fit the cultural contexts of different target audiences. This can include such subtle tweaks as renaming characters to more intensive adaptations aimed at complying with different local legal requirements.

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Effective gaming translations are the work of highly creative language experts who are passionate about gaming themselves, and can translate your game’s narratives, dialog, and other text elements to create engaging experiences that will keep new players coming back for more. Our pool of gaming translators includes a diverse range of professional translators with extensive backgrounds in all genres of videogames. In addition to their command of the language, these skilled writers excel at conveying suspense, excitement, and adventure for their target audiences.

Meanwhile, gambling and casinos are increasingly moving online, connecting players all around the world in high-stakes games of skill and chance. Gambling translations are a specialized field of game translations, requiring knowledge of specific terminology and rules for each different game. In addition to accuracy, all the text elements of your online casino or betting service need to sound authentic and immediate in order to keep users engaged. Experienced gambling translators combine their knowledge of cards, slots, and sports with a keen ear for the way gamblers talk about betting in their native countries to craft compelling content.

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Types of texts

All gaming – whether they’re played online, on a console, or at the casino, and even physical board games – require effective marketing to draw new players. To compete on the global market, localizing your game isn’t enough. You need a multilingual communications strategy to maximize your reach and grow your fanbase. Gaming and marketing translators create dynamic marketing materials, including websites, game packaging, social media campaigns, and more, so that you can promote your products to the widest possible audiences.

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