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Whether you’re an insurance provider offering your services to foreign clients, or a company preparing to do business abroad, specialized insurance translations are crucial for ensuring total transparency. As with many facets of business, insurance policies must be tailored to fit the client’s needs while complying with the legal infrastructure and standard practices of the relevant countries. There’s no room for miscommunication in these complex procedures, where any mistake could have costly financial and legal ramifications. Both of these aspects can vary widely between nations, and only professional insurance translators with the appropriate qualifications can provide you with the level of expertise you need to bridge the gap.

We understand that insurance materials often contain confidential information, which is why we work with trusted professional translators and implement our own confidentiality and data protection measures to make sure that your sensitive insurance documents remain secure throughout the translation process.

We also offer certified translations to meet more stringent legal requirements for your insurance translations. Feel free to contact us for more information about certified translations.

Our professional specialist translators

Our team of professional insurance translators have demonstrable expertise in every kind of insurance policy you may need translated, from personal health insurance policies to complex corporate financial documents. In addition to perfect command of their languages, these translators often have backgrounds in legal or financial professions as well as years of expertise handling insurance documents.

In a field known for its many layers of precise terminology and the need for total transparency, this level of professional expertise is the key to delivering accurate, reliable insurance translations.

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Types of texts

Some of the insurance materials we translate include:

  • Accident and police reports
  • Account information
  • Anti-money laundering and corruption policies
  • Applications and related documentation
  • Business and employment contracts
  • Claims and compensation procedures
  • Correspondence
  • Court documents
  • Due diligence reports
  • Evidence
  • Insurance policies
  • Medical/lab reports
  • Warranty documents
  •  Websites

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