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If your business relies on a global workforce, or you’re preparing to expand your operations abroad, multilingual communications should be an important part of your internal strategy. Employees are more engaged when management speaks their language, which means high-quality management & human resources translations are key to reaching your corporate goals and increasing efficiency. Using the latest translation management software, our teams of HR translators also ensure consistent terminology throughout all your corporate materials.

Our professional specialist translators

Regardless of the size of your company, it’s important to communicate effectively with internal audiences and external stakeholders alike. Professional management translators help you overcome language barriers and ensure that all your communications, from employee memos to financial reports and sales pitches, are consistent, accurate, and well-written.

These translators have wide-ranging expertise in the different aspects of business, management, and corporate communications, which they draw from their professional experience. As native speakers, they can help you adapt your materials to best convey your message in each new country, to suit the standards and expectations of your target audiences.

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Types of texts

The Human Resources department is the bridge between you and your employees. When your workforce is international and multilingual, you need to make sure your communications and processes are as clear as possible, and that your company can maintain the same “voice” across all of its languages. Translators who specialize in human resources have extensive knowledge of the country-specific employment laws and cultural norms that form the background to these communications.

This allows them to avoid common pitfalls when translating legal documents such as employment contracts, as well as culturally nuanced materials like employee guidebooks and policies governing behavior at the workplace. As a result, you can rely on more effective communications and printed materials for your multilingual workforce.

Some of the types of management & HR translations we handle include:

  • Company presentations
  • Employment contracts
  • Employee handbooks
  • Ethics & compliance materials
  • Financial reports
  • Insurance documents
  • Training materials
  • Websites & online portals
  • Workplace safety documentation

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