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Professional Translation in fields of expertise Mathematics and Statistics

Precise, accurate translations are a fundamental part of disseminating new research in mathematics and statistics, as well as facilitating their practical application throughout STEM fields. Translators who specialize in mathematics and statistics are subject matter experts with advanced degrees in their fields.

When dealing with complex mathematical theories or detailed statistical analyses, you need expert translators who understand the concepts as well as you do.


Our professional specialist translators

The translators who specialize in these two disciplines often come from backgrounds in mathematics, physics, statistics, or engineering. Many of them choose to offer specialized translation after, or alongside, their careers in these fields. This means they are fully immersed in the culture of mathematical and statistical research and apply the same rigorous precision and attention to detail to their translations.

In addition to mastery of their languages, these native translators have the profound background knowledge required to grasp the complexities of your materials. In addition to their expert knowledge and command of the technical terminology used in these fields, translators who specialize in mathematics and statistics translations understand the standards and stylistic conventions of technical writing in both the source and target languages. There are major differences, for example, between translating an academic paper on statistics and an article that explains statistical research to a more general audience.

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Types of texts

As native speakers, our specialized translators are familiar with the norms of their country and can adapt your texts to best fit the intended readership. Some of the types of translations we offer in the fields of mathematics and statistics include:

  • Academic papers
  • Educational materials
  • Statistical analyses
  • Textbooks

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