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Media translations encompass a wide range of formats, from traditional print journalism and publishing to cinema, film, and TV, telecommunications, photography, and the graphic arts. This is an exciting time for media companies, as the Internet and our new reliance on our smartphones open up channels of communications with new audiences around the world. It’s now easier than ever to connect with viewers on the other side of the globe, and failure to integrate a multilingual approach in your multimedia strategy can result in a cascade of missed opportunities.

Our professional specialist translators

Journalism is alive and well in the Digital Age: in addition to a continued demand for print journalism, reporting now thrives online. With countless publications available just a click away, readers can share impactful articles on social media, sparking conversations and driving engagement. Journalism translations help you connect with readers in different countries and bring global attention to your most important stories. Our journalism translators are language experts with proven writing skills, who will accurately convey your research to your target audience and maintain the compelling, impactful tone of your original articles.

Our love of storytelling is universal. When translated properly, films and TV shows can become cultural ambassadors, forging connections between storytellers and audiences on opposite sides of the world. This is a specialized field of media translation, which requires great cultural sensitivity and sharp screenwriting skills as well as fluency in both languages. Film & TV translators have a profound understanding of the country the source material comes from and know how to adapt jokes and other culturally specific material to engage new viewers. With these creative translators at your side, new audiences will fall in love with your movies or shows all over again.

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Types of texts

Thanks to social media, global video-sharing platforms, and flourishing online publications, audiences all over the world are reading, viewing, and sharing media content all day long. From long-form journalism to sponsored blog posts, short films to 5-second videos, photo galleries, and new forms of graphic media, the formats available to you are endless. When it’s time to grow your reach and connect with viewers and readers in other countries, choose specialized media translators to translate and adapt your content for foreign audiences. Professional media translations balance cultural and stylistic aspects with the specifications of each format to ensure that the translated content preserves your material’s unique voice. Anything less would compromise all the hard work that went into developing a unique piece of media and fail to connect authentically with your new target audiences.

Some of the types of media translations we offer include:

  • Audio transcriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Books
  • Copywriting
  • Cover designs
  • Interviews
  • Magazine features
  • News articles for print or digital journalism
  • Scripts and screenplays
  • Social media campaigns
  • Video subtitles
  • Websites

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