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The best way to expand your audience is often to look beyond your borders and reach out to foreign readers. Consider how many more people might be looking for a story just like yours, if only they could read it. Professional book translation allows you to share your writing with new readers, so you can seize this untapped potential.

Our professional specialist translators

These translators specialize in a field of translation that’s fundamentally different than any other. When the focus is on storytelling and all of its subtleties, book translation becomes an artistic process in itself. Cultural context has a huge impact on how readers in a different country will perceive characters, settings, and motivations, and stylistic decisions made in one language aren’t always appropriate for another. Literary translators operate a lot like writers, working with you to adapt your story for new audiences while preserving its nuances as well as your unique voice. Depending on the countries involved, this may involve some artistic liberties, but the goal of the translator is to disappear into your work, leaving no trace of their efforts as an intermediary. These creative translators skillfully balance meaning, emotion, an aesthetics to create an organic literary work that foreign readers will engage with as authentically as those who read the original publication.

Poetry translations are an even more delicate art form. Only professional poetry translators, who are often poets themselves, can recreate your poem in another language. These are a highly specialized group of literary translators who understand structure, sound, and aesthetics can identify the best approach to adapt your work for foreign readers.


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Whether you are an author looking to self-publish translations of your work, or representing writers for multilingual publication, we will work with you to find the best literary translator for your project. We draw from a diverse pool of book translators with a wide range of interests and specializations, including fiction, non-fiction (including textbooks, essays, journalism, history, and more), children’s literature, poetry, and scripts. Contact us for more information. We will discuss your project and match you with the translator with the best profile for the author.

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