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Psychology is a highly specialized field of medicine and research, which requires language solutions with the same level of specific expertise. This a field that has undergone seismic shifts even over the past half-century, with new fields of research opening up, rapid changes in terminology, and major revisions to existing concepts taking place a on a regular basis. To keep up, specialized psychology translators need the same level of expertise and commitment to the field as psychologists and psychiatrists themselves.

What’s more, psychology is also a field where cultural biases can have a significant impact on research. Psychology and psychiatry have developed differently in different countries, and only an expert translator can deliver psychology translations that can bridge the gap and avoid common terminology pitfalls. As a professional agency, Nativy Translations is also equipped with the level of confidentiality needed to handle sensitive translations like psychiatric reports and medical information.

Our professional specialist translators

Our pool of psychology and psychiatry translators are experts in their fields. These are often experienced medical or academic translators who specialize in aspects of psychology, psychiatry, cognitive science, mental health, or clinical research. Each of these complex, fast-paced fields have their own terminology, and our translators are committed to keeping their knowledge up to date with the latest conventions.

Our psychology translators also have a firm grasp of cultural differences that may pose particular challenges when translating texts between Western and Eastern countries, for example, and know how to translate unfamiliar or even unknown concepts for their target audiences.

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Types of texts

There’s a big difference between academic psychology translations and translating psychiatric research for clinical settings. Our project managers always match each assignment to the translator with the best profile for the job, taking into account the different approaches that may be required for each task. Some of the types of psychology translations and psychiatry translations we offer include:

  • Academic research
  • Books, textbooks, and journal articles
  • Case reports
  • Clinical trials and pre-clinical documentation
  • Conference proceedings
  • Informed consent forms
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Medical records
  • Patient records
  • Pharmaceutical materials
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Recruitment tests and results
  • Research protocols
  • Websites

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