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In an industry as highly regulated and legally complex as real estate, reliable, accurate communications are indispensable. These projects generally involve a variety of different stakeholders, not only including the buyers and sellers themselves but also the banks and financial institutions, regulatory agencies, and municipal and federal authorities that oversee the sale of property.  From laying the foundation to selling a building or negotiating tenant agreements, this is a sector known for its paperwork – and if you or your company are ready to do to business internationally, you need a trusted language partner to guide you through the red tape.

Our professional specialist translators

The laws and regulations surrounding each aspect of real estate vary widely across countries, which is why you need expert real estate translators with proven knowledge of the legalities behind each phase of your project. When it comes to high-value contracts and agreements, clarity and accuracy are key: even the smallest miscommunications can result in very costly consequences.

Our professional real estate translators will help you navigate all the paperwork surrounding your property, from understanding the rules and regulations to follow before breaking ground, to drawing up listings that will attract your target audience, negotiating conditions for the sale, understanding the country’s tax system, and drawing up the final contracts.

Immobilien Profesionelle Übersetzung Übersetzungsbüro Wien Nativy
Immobilien Profesionelle Übersetzung Übersetzungsbüro Wien Nativy

Types of texts

Our expert real estate translators have extensive background knowledge about the banking, finance, and construction sectors of the country at hand, as well as an in-depth understanding of the various planning, zoning, and regulatory aspects that your project may be subject to. This knowledge, combined with their mastery of the source and target language, is key for delivering real estate translations that you can rely on.

We draw from a team of translators who specialize in different areas of real estate, including:

  • Appraisals
  • Building codes
  • Construction
  • Brokerage agreements
  • Financial documents
  • Litigation documents
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Real estate contracts
  • Real estate taxes
  • Realtor contracts
  • Rental and lease agreements

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