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Providing and enforcing a safe work environment is a priority for companies, and often an aspect of doing business that is heavily regulated by local authorities. Protecting the health and safety of workers requires carefully designed policies, comprehensive training, and strict procedures for dealing with the particular hazards posed by each workplace. All of these measures, however, are only as effective as their communication. As multilingual settings become more common in the workforce, these materials require accurate, reliable translations to ensure the safety of all your employees.

Like many other aspects of managing a business, the safety regulations you need to follow vary widely depending on geography and across industries. Fire safety and occupational safety policies may generally share basic principles and are tailored to fit each workplace’s idiosyncrasies, while some businesses require more in-depth strategies to deal with food safety, handling hazardous materials, privacy laws, or environmental standards.

Our professional specialist translators

Our health & safety translators are language experts who specialize in these fields, combining their command of the source and target languages with extensive background knowledge about the different aspects at play in each area. Our project managers match each project to the most qualified translator in our pool of technical translators to ensure that the resulting translations meet the standards of all your health & safety materials.

Just as your company consults with safety professionals to draw up the necessary signages, notices, or training programs to protect your workers, you need to rely on expert translators to translate safety documents and materials with careful attention to detail and a firm grasp of the potential hazards at each step. This includes specialized knowledge of the terminology specific to your sector, as well as the ability to write clear instructions that leave no room for error or second guessing.

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Types of texts

Some of the safety documents we handle include:

  • Accident prevention laws
  • Data sheets
  • Fire safety instructions
  • Flyers & notices
  • Insurance documents
  • Incident reports
    ISO standards
  • Labels
  • Liability policies
  • Operating instructions
  • Training materials

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