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Knowledge is meant to be shared. Science advances most effectively when researchers can learn from each other and share findings, both with other scientists and with the general public. In fact, the partnership between science and translation is one of the longest in history, dating back to ancient times and the earliest scientific manuscripts.

Today, this relationship fuels opportunities for collaboration across every field of research and allows important findings to spread around the globe, sparking new inquiries along the way. In our increasingly interconnected world, it's not uncommon for teams of researchers from different countries to work together on cooperative studies and research projects. Similarly, these experts may rely on funding from a web of international sources, so the ability to present research accurately in any language is a crucial element in the modern scientific landscape.

Our professional specialist translators

The stakes couldn't be higher: from developing new vaccines to the race for sustainable sources of energy, this is a field that requires the highest standards of reliability from everyone involved, including its translators. That's why we work with proven experts in every sector, including, but not limited to:

  • anthropology
  • astronomy & space
  • biology (incl. biotech, biochemistry, microbiology, etc.)
  • botany
  • chemistry
  • Earth sciences & geology
  • ecology
  • genetics
  • meteorology
  • physics
  • zoology

Our scientific translations possess the scientific credentials and extensive expertise needed to translate a wide range of complex, high-level materials, in addition to the linguistic skills needed to accurately convey any type of research in the target language.

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Types of texts

From academic papers to large-scale studies, grant applications and funding reports, our team of scientific translators support you at every stage of the research process. Our project managers select the most qualified translators for every job, matching their expertise to each assignment. Here is a sample of some of the content we translate:

  • University papers and dissertations
  • Scientific journal articles
  • Grant applications
  • Funding reports
  • Academic publications
  • Press releases
  • Clinical research papers
  • Protocols & methodology
  • Terminology

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