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Disseminating new research and knowledge in the humanities and social sciences requires expert humanities translators with strong backgrounds in the relevant field of study. This broad sector of academia includes sociology, archaeology, history, philosophy, and anthropology, and linguistics, as well as more niche subject areas like the study of ethics, religion, folklore, esoteric practices, and genealogy.

Translations of academic papers, publications, and studies in the humanities and social sciences require expert translators with a profound understanding of the subject matter. These professionals generally have advanced degrees or qualifications to demonstrate their expertise in their field, as well as excellent writing ability in their native languages.

Our professional specialist translators

After all, when it comes to specialized social science translations, general command of the given language isn’t enough. Academic translators need a very high level of background knowledge to be able to truly immerse themselves in the research and convey it accurately and precisely to the foreign readership. This involves mastery of the specialized terminology used in the field by researchers in different countries, which may reflect entirely different approaches to the subject matter. In addition, translators who specialize in humanities translations understand the standards and stylistic conventions of academic writing in both the source and target languages, so they can adapt your texts to best fit the intended readership. Only with this combination of skills can you be sure that your hard work will achieve the level of recognition it deserves abroad.

In addition to translating research for academic audiences, our specialized translators also translate sociological and other advanced materials for use in practical settings, such as museum communications, educational materials, or public policy documents. Each sphere of application requires the translators to respond to different stylistic norms in order to connect with target audiences with varying levels of background knowledge.

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Types of texts

Depending on the specific details of your work, you may request translators with even more specialized concentrations, such as psychology translations (hyperlink) or literary translation. Some of the types of social science translations we offer include:

  • Academic papers, including thesis papers and dissertations
  • Educational materials
  • Essays and articles
  • Museum materials
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Study protocols
  • Textbooks and journals

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