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Sports bring people together. Every country has its own favorite sport, and in addition to travelling from far and wide to attend the events themselves, millions of people tune in every year to watch the biggest international competitions. These games are broadcast on TV and online, and generate huge amounts of discussion on every modern communications platform. Not only is the global phenomenon of competitive sports a gigantic industry, a renewed focus on health and fitness has also turned recreational sports and athletics into very extensive and profitable business sectors. Whether you’re selling tickets to enthusiastic fans or sports equipment to recreational athletes, it’s important to be able to speak your clients’ language.

Our professional specialist translators

Sports are all about excitement. Audiences flock to them for thrill of the action, the adrenaline of competition, and the passionate debates about teams and techniques. That level of excitement should permeate every aspect of your communications, and translation is no different.

That’s why we rely on sports translators who are enthusiasts themselves. These specialized professionals not only master both the source and target languages, they speak the language of the sports they translate: whether it’s rock climbing, ping pong, basketball, or rugby, every recreational or competitive sport has its own vocabulary, and fans always know when they’re speaking to one of their own.

Our sports translators understand the terminology, the nuances, and the traditions behind each game, ensuring that their translations fit seamlessly into the rest of your communications strategy.

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Types of texts

The sports, fitness, and recreation industries are incredibly wide-ranging, and often intersect with other sectors such as medicine, marketing, and tourism. Our team of skilled sports translators and project managers draw from diverse backgrounds to deliver accurate translations on any topic. Here are some of the types of sports translations we offer:

  • Advertisements
  • Branded content
  • Gym & fitness center websites
  • Press releases
  • Safety regulations and warnings
  • Sales materials for fitness equipment
  • Social media campaigns
  • Sports medicine/physical therapy materials
  • Sports psychology research
  • Sports events (track & field, cycling, sailing, skiing, etc...)
  • Training plans

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