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There’s no industry more globalized than tourism. With air travel more accessible than ever, there is a growing interest in international travel, and countries strive to entice visitors with the promise of beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and fascinating history. Effective multilingual communications form the very foundation of these efforts, which makes tourism translation a large and diverse sector of language services.

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Although international travellers seek new experiences and often look forward to immersing themselves in foreign cultures, it’s still very important to make materials available to them in their own language. As traditional travel agencies are increasingly replaced with online platforms, tourists often find themselves making their reservations on their own, with little guidance.

Effective tourism translations not only make it easier for potential clients to find the information they need, it also helps build trust and transparency for your services, facilitating their decisions to book tickets or rooms from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Whether you are offering city passes, gourmet tasting menus, or outdoor adventures, readers are always more likely to trust information in their own language, and high-quality translations show that your services are designed with them in mind.

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Types of texts

As our appetite for international travel grows, the scope of the tourism industry has expanded to include a wide variety of different attractions and destinations. In addition to the classic landmarks of the worlds’ capitals or the long-standing coastal and mountain resorts, this includes the development of more niche interests, such as adventure sports, fan conventions, and gastronomical tours, into lucrative markets.

To address this diversity, tourism translation encompasses a wide set of native translators with proven expertise in their subjects, whether they specialize in history, gastronomy, geography, or other aspects of leisure and travel, such as translations for commercial airlines or of hotel policies. What they all have in common is the ability to craft compelling texts that are both informative an appealing, helping you draw foreign visitors to your town or business.

Some of the types of tourism translations our specialized translators offer include:

  • Airline policies
  • Brochures
  • City guides
  • Guided tours
  • Hotel, resort, and spa websites
  • Online marketing & social media materials
  • Press releases
  • Restaurant menus

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