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That means “hello” in Croatian. A useful word to remember if you plan on visiting this beautiful country, located in the Balkans along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. For more in-depth linguistic support, our team of Croatian translators can help you meet all your goals and connect with new audiences or partners in Croatia.

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The Croatian Language

With 5.6 million native speakers, Croatian is a Southern Slavic language that is closely related to the languages of Croatia’s neighbors, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. In fact, when these countries were united under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, “Serbo-Croatian” was considered a single language. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, the regional variants spoken in each of these countries were codified into separate, national languages. Notably, Croatian exclusively uses the Latin alphabet.

Croatian Translations

Today, Croatia is a rapidly developing country of about 4 million people and a member of the European Union. Its industrial sector is dominated by ship building, as well as food processing and chemical industry. Its long coast line and many islands also support a sizeable tourist industry, turning its capital of Zagreb as well as coastal cities like Split and Dubrovnik into increasingly cosmopolitan hubs for retail and leisure.

As a result, Croatia’s role in Europe and in the global economy continues to grow, making Croatian translations a valuable addition to any EU-wide, multilingual project. Our Croatian translators will help you capture new audiences and potential partners in Croatia.

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