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Dutch is the language of the Netherlands, with 24 million native speakers in Europe and in the Netherlands’ Caribbean territories: Aruba, Sint Maarten, and Curaçao. In addition to being the official language of the Netherlands itself, it is also one of three official languages in Belgium (alongside French and German) and is spoken by minority communities in France, Germany, and in Indonesia. An additional 17 million people, mostly in South Africa and Namibia, are native or secondary speakers of Afrikaans, the language of Dutch colonists, which remains largely mutually intelligible today.

The Netherlands may be a small country, but its language plays an outsized role in international communications! Our native Dutch translators can help you deliver accurate and effective Dutch translations in any subject matter.

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Dutch Translations for Business and Culture

In addition to being a densely populated, highly urbanized country, the Netherlands is an important trade hub for the EU and globally. Thanks in part to its location in the center of Western Europe and its major port cities, the Netherlands has a very robust shipping and trade sector, and is actually one of the top 10 leading exporters in the world despite its small size. High-quality Dutch translations are key for doing business in or with the Netherlands, whose major exports include food, chemicals, machinery, and electronic goods.

The country’s successful attitude towards international business is reflected in its major cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht, which are buzzing with economic and cultural activity. Art, literature, and the sciences have flourished here since the Renaissance, and the Dutch continue to be both avid consumers and producers of cultural materials.

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