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नमस्ते, or “namaste” is one of several traditional greetings in Hindi. The Indian sub-continent is vast, diverse, and densely populated, with an estimated 122 languages spoken by communities throughout the country. 23 of these languages are officially recognized, but Hindi, which originates from the Northern regions of India, is also the official language of the Indian government (alongside English). As such, it plays an important role in public life throughout the country; as of 2001, approximately 41% of the population (422 million people) reported Hindi or its various dialects as their native language. Globally, Hindi has an estimated 341 million native speakers, making it the fourth most widely spoken language in the world.

Whether you are looking to cement your organization’s global reach or need help with personal communications, our native Hindi translators can help get your message across.

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Hindi is the main language of several of India’s northern states, a territory that encompasses many major cities including the national capital of Delhi. It is also widely spoken in Mumbai, the most populous city of the country. These thriving metro areas are home to major industry and economic activity, especially in the information technology, engineering, gemstone, and textile sectors.

As these industries continue to grow, they support a rising retail market and an increasingly cosmopolitan population. High-quality Hindi translations are crucial for tapping into these cities and sharing your message with this huge audience.

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Our team of highly qualified Hindi translators have expertise in a wide variety of fields and are at your side for Hindi language projects. However, when doing business or making connections in India, keep in mind that there are over twenty official languages spoken in different parts of the country, and nearly a hundred more spoken on a local level.

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