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That means “hello” in Japanese, and it’s written as こんにちは in kanji. Did you know that Japanese writing actually combines two writing systems – kanji characters and kana syllables? Almost all forms of writing include a mix of both of kanji and kana. For this reason, it is considered one of the most complex systems in the world.

With about 128 million native speakers, Japanese is a valuable language for any multilingual project. Japanese translations are an effective way to connect with Japan, the 11th most populous country in the world, and its largely urban citizens.

Only native speakers translate into Japanese

Made in Japan

Japan’s global influence is undeniable. Home to major technology companies that have been pioneers in their sectors, from leading automotive companies to steel production, audio-visual technology, and entertainment. For decades. Japan has successfully exported its cultural cachet alongside its high-tech products. Today, the world looks to Japan for culinary inspiration – think about the prevalence of sushi restaurants throughout the West – as well as for its literary and artistic contributions, which include but are not limited to the tremendous market for anime, manga, and video games. As a result, Japans major cities, such as Tokyo, the capital, as well as Kyoto, Osaka, and Yokohama are densely populated hubs of activity.

Skilled Japanese translators can help you connect with these audiences and draw new collaborators, consumers, partners for your projects. In addition to their mastery of the language itself, these native speakers fully grasp the many nuances of this rich language and can ensure that your message lands perfectly.

Nativy's key advantages

  • 52​ fields of expertise including engineering, legal, marketing, and IT
  • Professional native translators with specialization in various fields
  • Department- or company-wide order management
  • Certified quality for skills and qualifications in accordance with ISO 17100

Most popular language combinations

English-Japanese / Japanese-English

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Japanese Translations

Our native Japanese translators are experts in their field, with proven experience and certifications attesting to their knowledge of their respective industries, as well as perfect command of the many nuances of the Japanese language. From high-quality medical or engineering translations to adaptations of creative content or Japanese-language e-commerce content, our network of professionals delivers accurate, effective translations to help you meet your goals.

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