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Professional Nordic languages translations by translation agency Nativy

Hej! Hallo! Hyvää päivää!

The Scandinavian languages are a group of closely related languages native to the northermost reaches of Europe – Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. Although not always fully mutually intelligible, these languages and their respective countries share many similarities, which is why they are often grouped under the term “Scandinavia”.

Our team of native translators include Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Icelandic language professionals with the certifications and proven expertise to help you conquer the North.

Only native speakers translate into Nordic languages

Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Translations

The three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have developed strong cultural ties over the course of a sometimes tumultuous shared history. As a result, their languages are similar, although not identical. In descending order, there are about 10 million native Swedish speakers, 6 million native Danish speakers (a population which includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands), and 5.3 million native Norwegian speakers. Icelandic, as a result of its relative isolation, differs more significantly from the other three Scandinavian languages.

Despite their relatively small populations, the Scandinavian countries are among the wealthiest in Europe and have significant cultural and economic influence on the region.

The capitals of Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm are international cultural destinations as well as hubs for research, finance, and media. This makes Scandinavian language translations an important part of any communications strategy aiming to capture important segments of Europe. Our Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, and Norwegian translators are experts in their fields and can handle any project.


Hyvää päivää! This Finnish greeting translates to “Good day!”. As you can see, Finnish is a bit of an outlier in this region – it isn’t a Scandinavian language at all, but rather a descendant of the Uralic language group, which also includes Hungarian and Estonian. Its 5.4 million native speakers constitute a small but significant population in Europe, thanks to Finland’s robust economy and outsized cultural impact – Finland’s capital, Helsinki, is home to two major research universities and is an important global destination for art, music, theater, and fashion.

The country also makes significant contributions to the IT sector. All of this activity supports a high standard of living and makes Finland a very attractive source of potential customers, partners, or collaborators.

So don’t overlook Finnish translations as part of your multilingual strategy. Our expert Finnish translators are experts in their fields and can help you with a wide variety of projects.

Nativy's key advantages

  • 52​ fields of expertise including engineering, legal, marketing, and IT
  • Professional native translators with specialization in various fields
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