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Dzień dobry!

That means “good day” in Polish. Polish is a Slavic language, but uses the Latin alphabet with nine additional characters that feature special diacritics above, below, or through certain letters. These marks, as well as the strings of consonants in certain words, may make polszczyzna (“Polish” in Polish) intimidating at first glance, but don’t worry: our team of native Polish translators will work with you to get your message across perfectly.

About Polish

With around 45 million native speakers, Polish is the second largest Slavic language, after Russian. Historically a lingua franca used for academic and diplomatic communications throughout much of Central and Eastern Europe, it is the official language of Poland, where most of its speakers live, although there are also Polish-speaking minorities in neighboring countries.

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Polish Translations

Today, Poland is a member of the European Union and an economic leader in its region. Polish people enjoy a high standard of living thanks to its developed and diverse economy, one of the fastest growing in the European Union, with major industries including machinery, metals, food products, clothing, and cosmetics. Exports form a major part of its economy, and its agricultural sector makes it a leading food producer for the European Union. This economic success is reflected in Poland’s vibrant major cities, such as the capital city of Warsaw, along with Kraków, Łódź, and Gdansk, among others.

The majority of the Polish population lives in metropolitan areas, which are home to major universities and research centers, international corporations, and thriving arts and culture scenes.

High-quality Polish translations are essential for connecting with Poland and gaining new partners, audiences, or clients in this country.

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