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That’s “hello” in Portuguese, the sixth most widely spoken native language in the world. Portuguese’s sphere of influence spans multiple continents, as the official language of Portugal and Brazil, as well as the African countries of Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola and São Tomé and Príncipe and the island nation of Cape Verde following Portuguese imperial rule. This accounts for a total of 250 million native speakers and makes Portuguese a key language for any multilingual communication project.

Our native Portuguese translators can help you reach Portuguese-speaking audiences in a wide variety of subject matters.

Only native speakers translate into Portuguese

Portuguese in the EU

Portuguese also plays an important role in the European Union, with over ten million native speakers in Portugal. With a diversified economy and major roles in the fishing, mining, and agriculture sectors, as well as automotives, textile, and electronics. These industries support a robust local economy, generally concentrated around the cosmopolitan cities of Lisbon and Porto. When doing business in Europe or rolling out EU-wide projects, don’t overlook Portuguese as an important way to connect with new audiences.

All of our Portuguese translations are handled by native Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese speakers with proven expertise in the given subject matter. Request a quote to learn more.

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  • 52​ fields of expertise including engineering, legal, marketing, and IT
  • Professional native translators with specialization in various fields
  • Department- or company-wide order management
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Most popular language combinations

English-Portuguese / Portuguese-English

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Language variants

Brazilian Portuguese

With 200 million inhabitants, Brazil is the largest country in South America, both in terms of its population and its economy, and an important player on the global scene. In addition to its important agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and mining industries, the major cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are cosmopolitan urban hubs that import and export major cultural contributions to the rest of the world. Any brand looking to expand its global reach can find an important market among Brazilian Portuguese speakers, while its growing science and technology research sectors also offer attractive potential for collaboration and partnerships.

Although mutually intelligible, there are enough differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese to warrant special consideration when choosing a Portuguese translator. Think about your target audience when selecting a translator – we’re happy to advise if you have any questions.