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Romanian is the easternmost Latin language. Despite Romania’s location in Eastern Europe, Romanian is more closely related to Italian and Spanish than to the languages of its neighboring Slavic countries. Romanian is spoken in Romania and Moldova, as well as some parts of Ukraine. with an estimated 25 million native speakers. Romania in particular is a rapidly developing country with a growing, diversified economy, which plays a key role in several sectors. As the seventh most populous country in the EU, Romanians can be a significant new audience for your projects.

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As one of the fastest-growing economies in the EU, Romania is home to a robust network of energy and automotive manufacturing companies. In addition to being a net exporter for electric energy and a major hub for cars manufacturing under a range of domestic and international brands, Romania is also a major exporter of textiles, electronics, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, and raw materials. Recently, Romania has also taken major steps in scientific research, including contributions to nuclear physics and joining the International Space Station.

This broad economic and scientific activity supports growing prestige and an increased standard of living for Romanians, especially around the major cities like Bucharest, the country’s capital and the fourth largest city in the European Union. All of these advances make Romania an important target market for any multilingual project, especially those intersecting with its growing economic sectors.

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