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Merhaba means “hello” in Turkish. This major Eurasian language is unrelated to its Arabic and Persian neighbors, and is the largest of the Turkic language family that stretches across the Caucasus all the way to central Asia. With around 70-80 million native speakers, Turkish is the official language of Turkey and is also spoken in Cyprus and by minority communities in the Balkans and certain Middle Eastern countries. Turkish has used the Latin alphabet since the early 20th century, with a few special characters and diacritics.

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Connecting with Turkey

As a bridge between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey wields great cultural and political influence in global politics. It is a large country with a diverse population. The city of Istanbul, its most populous city,  literally straddles the line between Europe and Asia – the Bosphorus strait. A hugely popular tourist destination, Istanbul is a rapidly growing urban center with strong industries, especially in automotive manufacturing, electronics, and of course, shipping. This economic activity supports a vibrant cultural scene, with a wide range of art exhibitions, museums, and performing arts festivals regularly drawing crowds.

Meanwhile, the Turkish capital of Ankara, located in the center of the country, is known for its wine production and agricultural products, as well as for defense and aerospace companies with steadily growing foreign trade.

All of this activity, together with a diverse population, makes Turkey an attractive source of potential clients and partners for any organization striving for global reach. High-quality Turkish translations form the cornerstone of communications with Turkey.

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Our native Turkish translators combine their perfect command of this complex language with certifications and qualifications attesting to their deep knowledge of their respective industries. From international commerce, research, and engineering to mass-market retail and luxury goods translations, our network of professionals can help you meet your goals in any area.

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