Subtitling and subtitle translations

Transcribing images and spoken text

Subtitles are lines of text that provide written information about audio content. They offer a visual representation of acoustic information.

The sense of sight is widely regarded as the most important human sense and is targeted deliberately by many content creators. In addition to news, TV shows and many other types of media content, videos of all kinds play a key role in publicizing a wide range of topics. Most people encounter these types of media on a daily basis; they use them at work and watch them in their free time.

Subtitles play an important role here: they offer people who are deaf or hearing-impaired the opportunity to better understand your content, and people speaking other languages can benefit from subtitles in their own language. In situations that require watching a video without the sound, subtitles help to illustrate what is being said and to communicate the specific meaning.

Subtitling and subtitle translations
How do i place an order

How do I place an order?

We offer subtitling services for videos and similar media, and we can translate existing subtitles.

We will be happy to send you a customized quote for subtitling or subtitle translation. To enable us to provide you with an accurate quote, please answer the following questions and send us your content via email (

  • Do you need the subtitles as a separate document and/or
  • Subtitles that are integrated into the video file?
  • Intralingual subtitles (e.g. German subtitles for German-language videos) and/or
  • Interlingual subtitles (creating subtitles in the desired target language)
  • Transcription of paralinguistic elements, sounds, or music required
  • Font type, font size and font color schemes
  • Text positioning
  • Video format
  • Desired delivery date

If available, but not binding:

  • Transcript with or without time stamps

We will send you the completed file(s) by email. Depending on your desired format, you will receive a video file with integrated subtitles, a document with subtitles as a separate file or a document with translated subtitles in text format.

We will be happy to accommodate any other request you may have.


Translators and subtitling

Special software is used for translating subtitles. It allows the translator to insert the necessary subtitles directly into the video, without having to use a word processing programme and without consulting the transcript. It is important to use specialized software from the very beginning, as it allows the translator to create a text that follows the fundamental rules for audiovisual translations.

The art of translating subtitles lies in tailoring culturally specific elements, such as humor, to the target country while retaining a natural style to preserve the flow of the translated text.

In addition to choosing the right words, the translator also needs to pay attention to timing to ensure a close match between what is shown on the screen and what the text says. Subtitles also need to be easy to understand quickly.

They must support the visual material, not detract from it. The translator needs to summarize the content and create a concise message that gets the idea across quickly so the viewer can read it easily.

Like transcreators, subtitle translators must be well versed in the appropriate subject matter order to properly communicate the desired message.

They must also ask themselves which paralinguistic elements to include in the subtitles. The extent to which these need to be included depends on the target audience. Some examples include: intonation range, vocal timbre, and vocal modifications such as laughing, sighing, sneezing, etc.

This applies not only to speech, but to sound effects and music as well. Closed captions can be used to convey a given atmosphere to the viewer in writing: a gentle drizzle, the pattering of footsteps, mysterious music, or children laughing.

Translators and subtitling

Top quality is a top priority for Nativy. With just a few clicks, you can order professional translations at competitive prices, from specialist translators who have a thorough understanding of your field.

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