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Professional Translation for your Website

Is your business ready to go global? If you’re preparing to step out onto the global stage, you need to make sure that your website can welcome potential clients who may not speak your language.

A multilingual website tells foreign visitors that you value their business, which is why professional website translation and localization should be the first step in your international marketing strategy.

Website Translation Nativy Translation Agency
Multilingual Website Nativy Translation Agency

CreatingMultilingual Website

Depending on your industry and the size and complexity of your web project, we’ll match you with a team of web translators with proven experience in your sector.

In addition to their subject matter expertise, these translators specialize in creating compelling web content in their native languages. As native speakers, they also understand the way that your new audience navigates the web, and what expectations they have when visiting a website.

Website localization refers to the process of adapting the website itself to better respond to different cultural norms. In addition to simply translating your text itself, localization may include advising you on how to best tailor your graphics, the format used to present specific information, and the structure of certain pages in order to comply with local regulations (for example, with regards to your privacy policy) and to make sure they are culturally appropriate.

Integrating SEO into Website Translations

Website translation and localization should also preserve all the hard work that went into optimizing your original text for search engines.

Although some of the techniques used to improve your rankings will work across all languages, when creating multilingual websites, you will need to tailor your SEO strategies to each one or risk falling behind in certain markets.

For more information about SEO translation in particular, click here.

SEO into Website Translations  Nativy Translation Agency
SEO into Website Translations  Nativy Translation Agency

Seamless API Integration

API integration makes translation even easier for clients with large amounts of content to be translated, or who update these contents regularly.

Integrate our professional translation services into your CMS or CRM systems, as well as other software solutions, so that you can commission translations without leaving your platform. Using the REST API or our iFrame API solution, you can upload content, view quotes, and place your order in just a few clicks.

For more information about API integration, please contact our COO, Anchal Lochan, via e-mail or by phone

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